Top 5 K-Pop Debuts

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K-Pop debuts are arguably one of the most important aspects of a band’s career. A good debut can pave the way for future fans and concepts. This is a list I’ve compiled of my top 5 K-Pop debuts.

1.) B.A.P – Warrior

Oh. My. God. This song and music video was really amazing. B.A.P really challenged the K-Pop standard by debuting with a tougher image. Even Big Bang’s hip-hop debut had an innocent-like feel to it. Warrior was great. It showed off the unique deep voice of Yong-Guk and the maknae brilliance of Zeelo. The dance was amazing. The members interacted perfectly with each other and the blonde hair of each member really added to B.A.P’s power ‘we are one’ concept.

2.) BTS – No More Dream

Yet another hip-hop/rap group, BTS’s debut is definitely one of my favorites. The music video did an effective of introducing each member and…

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