Saying Arigato To My Mom

So I am watching Naruto 😛 And my mom gives me grilled cheese sandwich and I say “Arigato” lesson of this spam: Anime effects your daily life




22 thoughts on “Saying Arigato To My Mom

      1. If I did tho than I think she’d say something like “WHAT are you saying………………” More people should know Japanese xD

  1. HOH!! THIS IS REAL!!!!!! I say ” Baka! “, ” Baka Mittai! “, ” Nandayo!? “, “Nani”, “Nandayo Omae wa “, ” Iie “, ” Uso ” , ” Hai! “, ” Konnichiwa, Konbanwa, Wo ha you ( If that how u spell it ), Oyasumi ” and etc xD EVERYDAYY IN MAHH SCHOOL

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