Fangirling with Girls~

So today at school (after school) I was fangirling about my loves~ We only talked about BIG BANG so I talked about GD! My friend (way older then me 😛 counciler) told me she liked T.O.P! I’m like good, cause GD is mine~ Hehe moral of the story: GD is Yuki’s~ 😛

IMG_4965-0<<< Me exactly about my loves and dreams hehe



12 thoughts on “Fangirling with Girls~

  1. Yaay! We will strive for what we want! (I’m Aquarius too)
    Do you know there’s an Anime related with the Zodiac? How come I don’t remember the name??! It’s not new though (my dad watched it, and I started watching it when I was 3 years 😲).

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