I’m thinking about going on break. Not because of school or anything but I’m just thinking about going on break. I like blogging but…



149 thoughts on “Break?

      1. THIS LITTLE KID WILL GET IT *brings all kpop idols including Jin*
        Jin: NOONE HURTS MY PANDA!!!
        Suga: *actually awake* NOONE HURTS YUKIS SIS
        V: An enemy of the panda and Yuki is an enemy of bts

      2. awwwwwww my pandie. Ok i have no heart when it comes to this but here i go.

        Girl, forget about him. Was he there when you were getting picked on? No he was not. First off, sweetie your too young to understand love ight? Us kids need our education first. Not a guys/girls comfort. Plus, you dont need him. You have your imagination and Jimin. And then you have the blogging community

      3. YEAH WHAT TREE SAID!! Of course I know about true love (not) it’s been four months and no crushes on other normal people so I am in love with GD and BamBam XP v is coming soon xDDDD Yes who was their for you when you got picked on?

      4. stress eating is not good tho. Trust me i know. I went from self harming to stress eating. It took me a long time to lose the weight i put on. Dont stress eat my dear pandie.

      5. Yuki: Mark
        Mark: Yeah
        Mark: Wha~ what about you and the three idiots?
        Yuki: {likes adding drama to comment stories} WTH YOUR AN IDIOT *punches Marks arm and runs away*

      6. Yuki: Mark and Tree~
        *Que BamBam entering the scene*
        BamBam: And watch me whip! And watch me woahh~ The two love birds! YUKI THIS IS NOT A SAFE SCENE LEGGO!
        Yuki: Yes we shall go! We are at the T O P line 😛

      7. Yuki: *laughs like crazy* OMG JIN BRO HAHAHAHHA TRIPPING WHILE DOING GWIYOMI!!!
        Jin: You can’t do better
        *Yuki does Gwiyomi GD version*
        *Jin does Gwiyomi Jin version and trips*

      8. Panda : Don’t worry boo~ *converse high dance*
        Yuki : Panda careful you’re in socks!!
        Panda : *trips and falls on jin*
        Jin : You fell for me *looks at Jimin*
        Jimin: *falls on Jin and Panda* I fell for you panda

      9. Panda : *gives Yuki, V+GD+BamBam merch* Calm child
        Yuki : AWWWE TY
        Jin : You saved us! *hugs panda*
        Jimin : *hides behind Jin and Panda* Jin hyung!!!!! She saved us!

      10. Panda : Hop in the car!
        Jimin : You’re only 12…
        Jin : ITS A GO-CART YOU IDIOT!!
        Jimin : Woah! Daebak!
        Panda : GET IN THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!
        Yuki : PANDA IM NOT A CHILD!!

      11. Jin + Jimin : *sprints* OH SHIZ, OH SHIZ!!! Do it for Panda!!!!
        Yuki : So, what do you have to say for yourselves..
        Panda : Sowwy~
        Yuki : “Sowwy” isn’t gonna do~
        Jin + Jimin + Panda : *does aegyo*

      12. Jimin + Jin : *grabs Panda’s hand* LETS GO TO SANRIO!!
        Panda : YASSS!! *jumps in go-cart*
        Jimin : Panda, do you have a lisense?
        Panda : I have a ID card!
        Jimin : Yeah I’m driving.
        Jin : That means I can sit by Panda!!!!
        Jimin : Nvm…Jin hyung you drive
        Yuki : YOU TWO! (finishes what you say)

        Yuki : PANDA-CHAN, JIN, and JIMIN! QUIT IT, NOW!!
        V : Hey Yuki~
        Yuki : *sees V* Oh My..
        Jin + Jimin : *covers Panda’s eyes*

      14. V: Yuki~
        Yuki: Yes?
        V: Why are you punishing the hyungs~? They just wanna see panda? Please`~ Lets go someone alone 😉
        Jin: *whispers* We asked V to take sissy somewhere and sis only listens to well you know?
        Yuki: Fine~ You three are off the hook

      15. The 3 : *quickly runs to the movies*
        Panda : What are we watching?
        Jimin : SAW 2!!!
        Jin : Panda is too young for that!! Let’s watch the Minions!
        Jungkook : *pops outta no-where* SAW 2!!!
        Jin : JEON JUNGKOOK!!!! I told you not to watch that!!! Panda is way too young!!
        Panda : I’ll be traumatized…Lets watch Attack On Titan!!
        Jin : YASSSS! *hugs Panda*
        Jimin : *pushes Jin* Great idea! *hugs*
        Jungkook : *forever alone*

      16. Yuki & V
        Yuki: So~
        V: Wanna go to the movies?
        Yuki: Okay!
        ~5 mins later~
        Yuki: What movie do you-
        Jungkook: YUKI!!!
        V: Jungkook? Why are you alone?
        Jungkook: Panda ditched me~ *cries*
        Yuki: Lets all watch a movie together!
        V: No
        Jungkook: Yes
        Suga: Yes
        Yuki: Attack on Titan?
        Jungkook: YAYYAYAYAY

      17. ~Panda’s POV~
        Rap Monster : WAIT!
        Panda : *turns* BISH wha?
        Rap Monster : Lemme join!
        Jin : You’re paying for your ticket then…
        ~during the movie~
        Panda : AHHHHH!!! *see’s Titan eat people*
        Yuki : *doesnt know that it’s Panda* CHILD SHUSH!!
        Jin : *doesnt know its Yuki* EXCUSE ME MAAM!
        Jimin : *gets up* WHAT DID YOU SAY?
        Yuki : I said – *turns around* JIN PANDA JIMIN? NAMJOON?!
        Panda : *hides behind Jin* GAWD save meh

      18. Suga: Lets leave the movie before we make a scene.
        V: Its just us 8
        J-Hope: 9! Shh~
        Yuki: Do I look that old to you?
        Jin: No…
        Yuki: Like hello! Ruin my day some more Jin (adds drama)!
        Jin:… 😦
        V: SHH!!
        Yuki: Bye *leaves scene*

      19. (Off topic) Drama is coming.

        Panda : I ruined it..
        Jin : How?
        Panda : By screaming!
        Jimin : It’s okay! I one time screamed when I saw you when you just got out of bed!
        Jin : *kicks* THAT DOESNT HELP PARK JIMIN!!
        Panda : Imma leave…I’ll drive the go-cart
        Jin : Panda wait!
        Panda : *runs*
        Jimin : *body rolls*
        Jin : *slaps Jimin’s stomach* NOT HELPING!!
        Jin and Jimin : *runs after Panda*

      20. Jin: WAIT! LEMME CALL HER!!!
        Panda: Nice idea 😛
        Jimin: So smart -_-
        Jin *calls* Yuki!
        Jin: I’m sorry…
        Yuki: (adds drama) Sorry? I’ve been hearing sorry from your mouth ever since! When have you ever made me happy? What about your other members??? Like seriously, Jin! I hate you!!! Have fun, take care and bye. *cuts line*
        Panda: What… Happened?
        Jin: (panda writes)

      21. Jin : She…She hates me.
        Panda : No she doesn’t…
        Jimin : *thinks in head* SCORE!! If he keeps it up she’ll ban him from seeing panda!!! *says last part out loud*
        Panda : I’m that fabulous
        Jin : Who’s hungry?
        Jimin and Panda : MEEEEEEEEE!!!
        Yuki : *is angry AF* JIN AND JIMIN YOU CANNOT SEE PANDA FOR 2 DAYS!!
        Jimin, Panda, Jin : *gasps*
        Panda : Yuki! But why?
        Yuki : It’s for your own good!
        Panda : *runs and locks self in room*
        Jin and Jimin : Panda…
        Yuki : NO PANDA! IM SERIOUS!!
        Jimin : *body rolls* Eh?
        Jin : *slaps stomach with spoon* No.

      22. Yuki: *Makes bags and leaves Bangtan dorm (panda and Yuki live there)*
        V: Yuki what r u doing???
        Suga: Yeah!
        Yuki: Leaving.
        Jungkook: Why??
        RapMon: Your going to leave us unorganized!
        Yuki: Its for your *stares at Jin* own good…
        V: *hugs Yuki* NO! YOUR STAYING!!!
        Suga: YES U R STAYING!!!

      23. Panda : *over hear’s convo* Us leaving? I have to leave Jimin and Jin? *cries*
        Jimin : *heres crying* Pstt..Hyung
        Jin : What?
        Jimin : It’s Panda she’s crying..
        Panda : I don’t wanna go back…*thinks* I am so sorry…*writes note* Sorry everyone..I am a run away..*opens window and runs*
        Yuki : PANDA LETS GO!
        Jin : *checks room* SHE ISNT IN HERE!!!!
        Jimin : *sees note* Guys..She’s gone.

      24. Panda : *still locked in room*
        Yuki : *knocks* PANDA! *lies* I’m, Uhmm getting food!
        Panda : *opens door* If you’re getting food then why do you have your bags?
        Yuki : You got me..I’m leaving! I can’t take this any more! I’ve been pretending to enjoy it here but I just don’t!
        Panda : *speechless* What about becoming an idol? What about meeting your luvs?
        Jimin and Jin : *hears panda talk*
        Panda : What about your dream?
        Jin : *whispers to Jimin* She just went there.
        Jimin : Indeed..
        Yuki : PANDA I SAID I DONT WANNA BE HERE! *storms out of the door*
        Panda : *sigh* Back to my room I guess..*tears up*

      25. Jin: *stops Yuki* WHY ARE YOU LEAVING?!?!
        Yuki: I can’t take it being near you! Imagine hearing sorry coming out of my mouth every single day how would you feel?
        Jimin: WHO CARES ABOUT JIN?!?!
        Suga: Yeah!
        V: Without you here this place will be a mess
        Suga: We wouldn’t be able to go anywhere on time without u stopping Jin and Jimin from flirting
        Jungkook: We wouldn’t have a cooking instructor
        RapMon: Who would help us with making the songs?
        J-Hope: No aegyo battles
        Jimin: No one to scold us…
        Yuki: I

      26. Yuki : I-I…IM STILL LEAVING!
        Panda : *thinks in head* Got it!! *makes scene* YUKIIIII!!! YUKII DONT GO! *hangs on to leg* DONT LEAVE US!!
        Jungkook : Ah! Daebak, I see what she’s doing!
        Rap Monster : *whispers* Dafuq is Panda doing…
        Jin : She’s trying to annoy Yuki to make her stay!
        Panda : YUKIIIIIIII!!! *thinks* GOT IT! *screams* Yuki!! Do you remember when you took a picture of V shirtless?
        Yuki : PANDA.FLOWER.
        Jin : It’s working!!
        Yuki : PANDA FLOWER CHAN!! NO MORE PHONE FOR YOU!!!!!!!! *steals phone*
        Panda : *takes phone back* Come and get me! *runs*
        Yuki : *runs* PANDAAA! *out of breath* Imma take a nap..
        Panda : *screams* YUKAYYYYYYYYY!!! YUKI YUKI YUKI!
        Yuki : Panda!!! What do I have to do for you to let me sleep?
        Panda : Stay here
        Yuki : OKAY!! *falls asleep*
        V : PANDA DID IT!!!
        Jimin : THATS MY GIRL!!
        Jin : That’s my girl.

      27. Jimin : I got this…*pulls shirt up*
        Jin : NO! *slaps stomach*
        Jimin : HYUNGGG!!
        Yuki : V…I need a favor *whispers in ear*
        Jin : Oh GAWD..
        V : Panda is in her room…Wanna see her Jin?
        Jin : Sure!
        *V and Jin walk to Panda’s room*
        Panda : *leaves room*
        Jin : She’s right there! Hey Pan-
        V : *pushes Jin in room and locks door* DID IT!
        Yuki : You locked him in? YESSS!!!!
        Panda : Where’s Jin…
        Jin : PANDAAAA!!!
        Panda : Uhmm..Explain
        V : Payback tastes so good
        Panda : *face palms* You did not just lock him in..
        V : I just did!
        Panda : KIM TAEHYUNG!!!!!

      28. Jin : *yells* IF I GET OUT OF THIS ROOM THEN YES!!
        Panda : *runs to unlock door*
        V : *pushes panda out of the way* Knowing you, you would do something evil… *unlocks door*
        Jin : PANDA! *pulls in room* I need to talk to you!
        Jimin : WTH ARE THEY DOING?
        Jin : Jimin, get your but over here..*closes door*
        Panda : You needed us why?
        Jin : Panda, I need you to write a song! Jimin, I need you to make us outfits!
        Jimin and Panda : OKAY!
        All three : ONE TWO THREE TEAM!

      29. Panda : *over hear’s V* That little basta-
        Jimin : Panda, does this look good? *shows poofy dress sketch*
        Panda : Sorry Jimin…*takes notepad*
        ~5 mins later~
        Panda : *shows Jimin and Jin sketch* Eh?
        Jin : NICE! Jimin take notes
        Jimin : Woah! Daebak!
        V : *thinks to self* Dah hail are they doing?

      30. The 3 Amigos : *pops out of room*
        Everyone besides Panda, Jin, and Jimin : What’s going on..
        Yuki : This better not –
        Panda : Just listen
        Jin : *sings* Yuki, I’m sorry…I’m sorry I screwed up! *runs back to room for costume change*
        Panda : *sings* I NEED U GIRL WHEN ~
        Jimin : *body rolls*
        Jin : Panda and Jimin ehem..
        Both : OH YEAH!
        Three Amigos : *walks out of room in maid costume*
        Jin : *sings* SORREHHHHHHHHH!
        Jimin : *high note* Sorry Yuki!
        Panda : *solo time* *sings* Yuki~ we’re sorry…We have dressed up as maids for your forgiveness!
        J + J + P : *ending pose*
        Yuki : (insert what you say here)

      31. Jin : *gets sweaty* SORRY YUKI!
        Yuki : Okay! I forgive you! Now, for my full forgiveness, you, panda, and Jimin have to go clean the dorm for 2 months
        Panda : WUT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?
        Yuki : Remember the time you flipped out over me stealing you phone? And how you threw all of my clothes on a tree?
        Panda : …
        Jimin : WHY ME? *body rolls*
        Yuki : *slaps stomach* For over-flirting over panda
        Jimin : …

      32. ~a week later~
        V : This is payback for Panda *spills breakfast* PANDA!
        Panda : *gets done cleaning bathroom* Yes V!
        V : Ehem Ehem..*points to floor*
        Panda : *cleans* V!!!!!!
        V : Yes, panda!
        Jin : Oh shnap!
        Jimin : *gets camera*
        Panda : LITTLE.ALIEN.TURD!
        Jin and Jimin : OOOOHH!!!!
        V : *drops phone* OOOPSIES!
        Jin : *drops mop*
        Jimin : *drops shirt*
        Panda : KIM TAEHYUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!! *breaks table*
        Yuki : *walks in* Dafuq…What did I miss?

      33. Jungkook the bystander: *explains*
        Yuki: So while I was looking for my french notebook this happened!
        Suga: Yeah~ *wakes up*
        Yuki: OKAY SO FIRST OF ALL *gets into mother mode*
        Jin: Yuki is in mother mode!
        Jimin: Isnt Suga the dad? OH LALA
        Yuki: ANYWAYS!!! Jimin how do you drop a shirt??? Jin we don’t need an MC, continue you know being Jin. V apologize and Panda you too and fix the table -_-

      34. Panda : *mumbles* I’m sorry V..
        V: What was that?
        Panda : *yells* IM SORRY V FOR CALLING YOU LITTLE ALIEN TURD!! *whispers* even tho you deserved it
        V : The last part?
        Panda : *does aegyo* Nothing
        Yuki : Ehem…V
        V : Oh yeah! I feel sorry for you because Jimin loves you
        Panda : *drops knife*
        Jin : *glares at Jimin*
        Jimin : *complains* JIN HYUNG!!
        V : Woah woah woah woah, WOAH! Panda, why did you have a knife? You’re 12..
        Yuki : PANDA!! V IS NOT A FLY!!
        Panda : *face palm* I couldn’t find a fly swatter to kill the flies so I’m stabbing them!! Oh! BTW, V do you want your knife back?
        Panda, Jin, and Jimin : *laughs*

      35. Yuki: *gives THE glare* PANDA, JIN, JIMIN?!?!
        Suga: She is in the motherly role, right sweety *winks at Yuki*
        V: Yuki is mine~! NOT YOURS!!!
        The three P J AND J: Yes Yuki?
        Yuki: Go take a break but stay in the living room and V?
        P J J: YAY!!! ILY YUKI!!!
        V: Yeah? *drinking water*
        Yuki: Don’t worry about the flies I’ll make cake.
        Suga: Can I help? I love cooking!

      36. P+J+J : Suga? Cooking? Is the world mad?
        V : *brushes teeth* DO YOU STILL SEE THE FLY GUTS?
        Panda : You missed a spot *throws shaving cream at face*
        V : PANDA FLOWER!!!!!
        Panda : *laughs* Yes, Alien Princess?
        V : THATS IT! *throws toothpaste*
        Panda : *freezes* You…Mother..Effing…Turd..*looks at hair* MY HAIR!!
        Jimin and Jin : *runs into bathroom* V!! WHAT DID YOU DO?
        Jungkook : *looks at Panda* Woah! Daebak!
        Panda : *turns around to look at Jungkook*
        Jungkook : *screams* HYUNG THERES A MONSTER!!!!!!!! *hides in corner*
        Jin : KIM TAEHYUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      37. Panda : But! But! But! *does aegyo* Eh?
        Yuki : Panda…*gives mop*
        Panda : *whispers* damnit.
        Jimin : *body rolls* Ayee!
        Yuki : GET TO WORK!! *gives broom*
        Jin : *tries to dance to “Something”* Yuki!!
        Yuki : Wrong dance move..*gives duster*
        Panda + Jin (I ship it) + Jimin : *cleans* ALL BECAUSE V DECIDES TO BRUSH FLY GUTS!!!!
        Yuki : I HEARD THAT!

      38. Panda : *mimics V* V for victory..I’m V
        Yuki : *hears Panda* PANDA-CHAN!!
        Panda : *freezes* mmm…Yes?
        Yuki : 25 PUSH UPS!! Or no phone for a week!!
        Panda : *drops icing* NOOOOOO!! I can’t even do 1!!
        Yuki : Bye bye phone!
        Panda : *push up position* I got this!! *falls on face* NVM =_=

      39. Yuki: Aww~! *feels bad* here how about you sit on this stool beside v while me and Suga
        Jin: Can I help with the cake???
        Yuki: And Jin work on the cake okay?
        Panda: *big smile* YAY ILY YUKI!!!
        Namjoon: Yuki~ I broke the umm lightbulb hehe
        Yuki: Suga please?
        Suga: Anything for you XP
        Jungkook: Yuki!
        Yuki: Jungkook…
        Jungkook: Yes Yuki? *nervous smile*
        Yuki: *gives phone* just don’t disturb Jimin okay?
        Jungkook: YAY!!! GOLDEN MAKANE RULES!!! *plays candy crush*
        Yuki: Jimin you can also sit on the stool beside V not Panda and wait as me Jin and Suga make the cake, oh and RapMon and Jungkook too.

      40. Panda : THANK YOU!!!!!
        V : And I’m being punished why?
        Jin : Panda! Wanna taste the cake?
        Panda : Sure!
        Jin : It’s your favorite! *feeds*
        Panda : Jin…*Calls Yuki* CAN I HELP COOK THE CAKE!!!
        Jimin : *laughs* Haha!! Panda is saying that hyung’s cooking is bad!
        Panda : It just needs sugar XD
        Suga : HEARD MY NAME!!
        Panda : …Sugar…Not Suga..
        Yuki : Yeah go ahead Panda!
        Jin : *puts pink icing on finger* BOOP! *puts on Panda’s nose*
        Panda : *puts pink icing* BOOP!
        Jimin : *buts in* I got this *puts icing on Panda eyebrow*
        Jin : …Never, Jimin.

      41. Yuki: Guys, this cake is for V not for panda
        V: V is superior
        Jungkook: Yay hyung!
        V: I’ll share with Jungkook, Yuki, Suga, J-Hope, Namjoon and yeah!
        Panda: Me?!?
        V: Your rude to me so no
        Jin: What about me?
        V: Sorry HYUNG ur on pandas side
        Hopie: I’m so lucky
        V: Why?
        Hopie: I was Yuki’s first bts live 😉
        Yuki: Hopie!
        Hopie: Sowwy I don’t speak English xD
        V: Okay let’s get cake

      42. Panda : *whispers to Jin* They never mentioned Jimin!!!
        Jin : Right!
        Panda : *whispers* Jimin!
        Jimin : Yes, Panda!
        Panda : Do me a favor and get us cake!!
        Jimin : Ninja mode?!?! YASS! *tries to get cake*
        V : Nope~ You’re on Panda’s side
        Jimin : Hyung!
        Panda : *determined for cake* I WANT CAKE!!! *throws cake at V* OMG I didn’t mean that!! You see, I imagined me doing that and *Yuki comes* RUN!!!!!
        V : PANDA!!!!!!!
        Yuki : What’s wrong love?
        V : Panda threw cake at me!!
        Panda, Jin, and Jimin : *slowly backs away*
        Yuki : *turns around* YOU THREE RIGHT HERE!!!!

      43. Yuki : Nope…So, I heard Panda threw cake!
        Panda : *hides behind Jin* Save meh…
        Yuki : You leave me no choice!!
        Panda : Oh gawd…What is it?
        Yuki : You can’t see Jimin and Jin for a day
        Jin and Jimin : *freezes* BISH WHA?
        Panda : But! But!
        Yuki : But What?
        Panda : *thinks to self* I’m going to die.

      44. Yuki: And no photos either. Jin and Jimin have to be near me at all times.
        Jin: What a nice sister -_-
        Jimin: Stop punishing us >.<
        Yuki: What nice brothers *sighs*
        Panda: Yuki
        Yuki: Oh yeah give me your phone, you have Jin and Jimin on that
        Panda: *gives phone* *thinks* no Jin and Jimin
        Yuki: Now go to your room okay? You can have CAKE in there

      45. Panda : *goes to room* I GOT IT!!!! *takes out laptop* She never said that I can’t go on my laptop
        Jimin : I’m dying hyung!!
        Jin : SAME!!
        Jimin : It’s a punishment for all of us
        Jin : Not daebak
        Panda : *still on laptop* Ooooh! *watches BTS videos*
        Yuki : *walks into room* What.Dah.Hail.Panda!!!!
        Panda : *freezes* Shiz..

      46. Yuki : *gives pen and paper*
        Panda : *thinks of devilish way to get back at V*
        Yuki : Imma go watch tv
        Panda : Okay! *writes on notepad*
        V : *walks passed room* Panda..What are you doing?
        Panda : *throws paper wads* Throwing paper wads at you
        Yuki : *hears convo* PANDA FOR LETTERS ONLY NOT WEAPONS!!!
        Panda : Okay fine.. *writes note to Jimin and Jin* Jin!
        Jin : *picks up note*

      47. Jin: JIMIN ITS A NOTE
        Jimin: It’s for me right? Okay what does it say
        Jin: Jin, I need to see you both but Yuki won’t let me! Help
        Jimin: It’s sounds like Yuki is the mean older sister *chuckles*
        Jin: And our younger sister
        Jimin: Way better then V and Jungkook
        Jin: Agreed

      48. Yuki : Jin and Jimin I’m going to the store! Don’t even think about going into Panda’s room..I put a security camera by the door
        Jin : *thinks to self* She really doesn’t want panda to see us.
        Jimin : *waves goodbye*
        Yuki : *leaves*
        Jin : *gets glue and glitter*
        Jimin : Hyung what are you doing?
        Jin : I’m covering up the camera lens so there’s so footage of us seeing panda!
        Jimin : Woah! Daebak
        Jin : Daebak indeed.

      49. Jimin : I’m bored!!! *sees camera* I got this..*takes spatula and breaks camera* PANDA!!
        Panda : *runs out of room* JIMIN!!
        Panda and Jimin (kinda ship it) : *hugs*
        Suga : *walks in* I forgot the keys! *sees Jimin and Panda*
        Panda : SHHHH!! *throws pillow*
        Suga : *slowly closes door*

      50. OTP?
        Yuki: *walks in* Suga~ What is taking you so- JIMIN AND PANDA YOU BROKE THE RULE?!?!
        Panda: Shoot
        Jimin: It was worth it! I ship #Suki
        Panda: I ship #Vuki
        Yuki: *face palms* lets just go to the car together… I always have to scold you over and over and over and-
        Suga: *holds Yuki’s hand* Okay lets go
        *V comes in*
        V: Yuki! Mine~! *Holds Yuki’s other hand*
        Panda: Vuki
        Jimin: Suki *holds panda’s hand*
        Yuki: Lets go to the car.
        *In the van*
        Suga and Jin are at the front
        Yuki and Panda are at the middle
        Jimin and V are at the back

      51. Jin : *holds panda’s other hand* Back off Jimin…
        Jimin : HYUNG!!
        Panda : …..
        Jin : SEE LOOK WHAT YOU DID?
        Jimin : This is all your fault!
        Panda : *takes Namjoon’s wallet* No one is paying attention…
        Rap Monster : WHERE DAFUQ IS MY WALLET?!
        Panda : Idk..
        Jimin and Jin : *still bickering*

  1. aniiiii i just came back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nooooooooooooooooo……………… *pokes Mark oppa* welp me
    Mark: *does aegyo* So what if you barely blog, at least you post something. So what if you were not active yesterday, we cant change the pass
    Tree: for once you are useful
    Mark: *death glare*
    Tree: *wuggles from back*
    Mark: yah! why are you so cute?

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