So she doesn’t like kpop due to a 12 year old kpop group idk the name and also it’s in Korean but English XP but she said if she starts listening to it she will get addicted and that’s what she hates about kpop ^~^ I’m sorta happy that’s why lol


19 thoughts on “A FRIENDS OPINION ON K-POP!!!

  1. *ledel* *does homework and starts singing lean on stupidly* I cant pronounce some words in korean properly so its english songs for now…….until im done with spanish and can focus on korean.

      1. I speak French… I needed to learn French because I live in Canada (in some places, it’s the official language ). I want to learn Korean, but I’m learning Kanji ( Japanese hard letters 感じ, see what I’m saying? (//▽//)) I want to learn Korean so badly!!!

      1. when ever i say oppa, i say it in a cute voice, and my friends are like “awwwwwww” and i do a certain face. If you had kik, i would send you a picture but…………………………. i dont trust hangouts.

  2. I have two friends who really like Korea. Each time we meet, we say Anyowaseo! But my voice is not really suit to speak Korean, because I have a strange mix of voice : spanish-japanese ( I’m half-half ).

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