Tagged By Luna-Chan

  1. Who is the silliest blogger?

Ofcourseitsme:P  Hmm… I would have to say Piya-Chan and Nutella-Chan 😛

  1. Who is the nicest blogger?

Don’t do this to me~! *Hides* I think everyone is but one of the nicest is someone we all can agree on! Elysia-Chan!

  1. Who is the liveliest blogger?

Maybe Tree 😛

  1. Who is the spaced-out-in-dreams blogger?

This is me, Tree, Panda, Angie and all the fangirls 😛

  1. Who is the kawaiiest blogger?

ofcourseitsmelikewhoelseisthiskawaii   Everyone 😛

  1.  Who is the best at drawing blogger?

Anna, Mina, Ameee, Mangos and Fantagefangirls 😛

I tag you if your name was on this 😛



23 thoughts on “Tagged By Luna-Chan

      1. omo my blog needs more views
        So many people loved me on there!
        Will you help me Yuki? And maybe some other people?

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