I am learning korean by myself! I am learning just the basics for speaking korean 😛 I got Hello, Yes, No and Thank You down! I also have Older Sister down too! Yay me! Such a slow learner 😛 I started today hehe

IMG_4836-1 V for victory 😛



35 thoughts on “Korean

  1. こんにちは。げんきです。はじめました。アンナベス です。わたしも だいすき k-pop と あにめ。 (Konnichiwa. Genki desu. Hajimemashita. Annabesu {Annabeth} desu. Watashi mo k-pop to anime.) – [Hello! I am well. Nice to meet you. I am annabeth. I also like k-pop and anime!] 😉 😛

  2. はいい。 ききます、 だけど しりません k-pop の なまえ (Haii, kikimasu, dakedo shirimasen k-pop no namae.) – {Yes. I listen to it, but I do not know any k-pop names.} Sadly, I haven’t had enough time to listen to it a lot or get obsessed. Lack of time sucks. But I do listen to k-pop and I like it. I wish I could watch like all of it, but there’s not enough time with drawings and anime and school and life to do everything I want. (⌒_⌒;)

      1. Possibly? 1. I’m not good with names or titles (including American ones). 2. I don’t know, I don’t pay attention to anything. 3. Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll listen to them, but I can’t guarantee that I will remember any of the names… heh.. I’m a natural at not memorizing things, even if they’re worth memorizing (like phone passwords…). 4. I like how we just decided to drop the Japanese. Tbh, I’m a beginner and that short conversation took me a while to make a response. Lol.

  3. Ohh, cool. I learned that anime has a less formal part of Japanese, also known as the “shortened version” so you wouldn’t generally use most of the speech in a formal situation. But the basics, like “hello” are more or less the same. xP

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