I have questions.

She’s super sweet! Check her blog out and follow!

Lunar Moon Fantage

  1. Who is the silliest blogger?
  2. Who is the nicest blogger?
  3. Who is the liveliest blogger?
  4. Who is the spaced-out-in-dreams blogger?
  5. Who is the kawaiiest blogger?
  6.  Who is the best at drawing blogger?

I’ll do these questions myself.

  1. Twinkels is the silliest blogger.
  2. Panda and Yuki are the nicest bloggers (there’s more)
  3. Sally is the liveliest blogger.
  4.  Ithink Angie chan is the dreamy blogger.
  5. Riley is the kawaiiest blogger (next to me)!
  6. Fantagefangirls is the best at drawing blogger.

This is who I tag to do this:

Panda, Blizzie, Yuki, Adi bear, and Twinkels. That last choice might seem unpredictable, but I am a Cancer Sign, and yes they are unpredictable. Someone please notify Twinkels about this… she hasn’t posted for five days. I love you too. You know who I love.

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