80 Followers Contest Due Date!

Umm you have to enter it before October 18th 2015! And if you didn’t see the post I just copied and pasted it her so yeah~

80 Followers! Contest!

I got 80 followers on this blog! *tear* I’m so happy! I can’t express my feelings enough! So I’ll have a contest! So for the contest you have to make something (anything) but it must say “Yuki’s Dreams! 80 followers!” and whatever else you want it to say 😛 The winners will depend on everyone who wants to join! So yeah 😛 The prizes are:

The password to Yuki’s Diary

Yuki’s Fantage Account for 1 week 😛

A post all about you!

The winners profile pics in a collage

An award 😛

A shoutout

And the last prize is…. Anything you want! Yes if you win you get to choose one prize that you want that’s not on this list! So lets say you want Yuki to sing for you then Yuki will sing for you *hides*

So the way to enter is:

Comment “80 followers!”

Like this post 😀

Optional: Re-Blog! I would appreciate it if you re-blog 😀

You can either post it or send me an email at jannatkhanislam@gmail.com!




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