For Halloween I’mma be… BAMBAM!!!
halloween I’ll ask to dye my hair reddish brown (mommy will say no :D) With dye spray (mommy will say yes) But I won’t go trick or treating 😛 Ty Tree I found my costume



23 thoughts on “Halloween

      1. I have one to match with Markie pooh
        Jackson: only I call him that
        Mark: Jackson let he call me that
        Jackson: fine princess.
        Mark: Only i call tree princess.
        Jackson: i was calling you princess
        Mark: -_-
        Tree: *rolling on the floor*

      2. Mark: *gives tree galbitang soup and takes her sushi*
        Tree: Thanks oppa
        Mark: your welcome princess but share some with me
        Tree: *feeds mark some*

      3. Tree: Yuki will be back bammie
        Mark: why do you call him bammie? And me mark?
        Tree; I call you oppa and markie pooh -_- and i call him bammie cause he looks like a bammie
        bammie: What?

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