I did a Dictee (French Quiz) I got a bad mark 10/20 50%! The teacher said it would be the easiest test this year! And I got 50%!! I hate myself! Now I’m scared to tell my mom! But I think its easier to tell her at night. Last time I got a bad mark (First time in three years) My mom said it was okay. Cause I got to doa make up test. BUT I DONT GET TO! IM SCARED TO TELL MY MOM SHE WILL SAY ITS CAUSE OF THE INTERNET!


29 thoughts on “Scared

  1. my mom ALWAYS ACCUSES THE INTERNET. when I can’t sleep, she’s like, “because you play too much games” like wtfff computers don’t do anything :^( don’t blame my waifu

  2. Aww, its okay Yuki-Chan.
    If she saw my marks, she would probably flip the table.
    I’ve gotten marks way worse than that…
    Just tell your mom and promise you’ll do better the next time 🙂

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