What to Couples Talk About?

Rated 11+ Bwahahaha

Uncontrollable Thoughts

Great question. I always wondered what normal couples usually talk about. Don’t they get bored of hearing the generic romantic stuff? I mean, saying the same stuff over and over again for majority of their life must be boring. They must do something else besides saying this:


But in all honestly though, what do most of them do? I mean, majority of lovers are based off of looks, not personality. (Harsh truth.) Jared and I don’t do that at all, instead we have stupid conversations about the future:

jared and ijared and i 2

(Forgot to censor the the other name for Richard, but I’m pretty sure you can handle that word.)

Our relationship in a nutshell, folks! This is all we talk about. Stupid things. Amazing. On another note, I wished him and I went to the same high school, so we could have even more stupid conversations in the cafeteria. :))) It sucks to…

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