The Legends Of Editing Review!

Appearance: 25

TBH I’m not sure how to do this one but I’d suggest going for a different theme because I’d like to have my widgets on the top right side, its easier xD And if you wanted you could add music to your blog or show how many followers you have OwO But other then that everything good.

Posts/Pages: 30

I’d suggest posting more and maybe more edits since thats your blogs name 🙂 You could add/remove some pages like you could add the my utube page under about and maybe remove the raffle page. I like having many pages so the viewers never get bored on your blog OwO I like your OOTD btw xD

Colour/Theme: 25

I’m not a big fan of the snaps theme due to the widgets being at the bottom like I said I like having my widgets at the top right but your blogs unique for having a different theme xD but if you want a theme similar to penscratch then I suggest going to Sketch OwO Your blog doesn’t exactly have a theme maybe you could try making a fall theme.

Overall Score: 80/100

Good start!



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