Hibiscus Panda Review

Appearance: 21

Okay I won’t do the pear joke *looks at Adi Pear* But anyhoo your blog is pretty organized but I would suggest putting a Capital H in Hibiscus (Sorry if I don’t see a capital at the beginning of a sentence or title I sorta want to fix it… I’m not exactly but 50% perfectionist OwO) And for the sub-title I wouldn’t put it in capital’s (again 50% perfectionist). I like your header, logo and background btw 😉 I would also suggest organizing your widgets 🙂

Posts/Pages: 32

I like all your posts! Especially you posts about your love Jin! But for your other non K-POP believers also try to post about other stuff other then BTS 😉 I personally like having many pages/sub-pages so readers don’t get bored while waiting for your next post 😉

Colour/Theme: 37

Like I said before I like your logo, background and header it matches but like Ameee-Chan said it would be better to add blue in your header! I like how you have a colour theme too! It all looks good together!

Overall Score: 90/100

P.S OwO when will you announce your contest winners Panda-Chan did you already forget about the squad? >.<



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