Guess The Song OwO

Piya-Chan got the last one man she knows me well OwO

it was Bang Bang Bang OwO

Whats the song I’m listing to right now? Hint:

Oneul bam uri freaky freaky hae yea
Baby give me some give me give me some yea
Neowa na duri jjirijjirihae yea
Can u give me some give me give me some yea



32 thoughts on “Guess The Song OwO

      1. Yup, and he wants to hand with you guys now go with bammiee and g.d
        Mark: leave her if she doesn’t want to go
        Tree: you hush, she is my younger sis an-
        Mark: *shoves ice cream in trees mouth*don’t listen to her Yuki, just go.

      2. Tree: have fun without me. I’m stuck with mark
        Mark: you say that like its a bad thing
        Tree: you don’t talk, like jackson-
        Mark: *pulls tree and grabs skateboards out of closets*
        Meanwhile with Yuki, g.d, and bammie

      3. Yuki, GD and Bammie bought ice cream
        Yuki: Yay! Ice Cream!
        *Random kid runs and bumps into Yuki dropping her ice cream*
        Yuki: Aww…
        GD: You can share with me *winks*
        Bammie: No me! Hyung please!
        GD: No me BamBam!
        Yuki: -_-

      4. Lol aww
        Tree: Mark your hurting my wrist
        Mark: sorry, *puts down skateboard* get on
        Tree: I can’t ride
        Mark: I will teach you. Stand like so and there yah go *demonstrates*
        After like 8 years (really 2hrs) tree learns to skateboard*
        Tree: I did it
        Mark: your welcome
        Tree: thank you

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