Crstle’s Imagination Review

Appearance: 35

Your blogs organized! Everythings in place and your header/logo/background match! I would suggest putting the my community widget in 5’s not 4’s OwO Oh and I would put blog views and the follow button right under the search button (yes I searched and now gimme my Nutella Bae lol)

Posts/Pages: 33

Other then my stupid little spam 😛 your posts are pretty cool! Your posts have a meaning its awesome! I would suggest putting an about page about all the staff and putting contact us under it! You should update birthdays 😛 And maybe you could post more often each day

Colour/Theme: 25

I like it how you sorta made a fall theme! I would suggest changing the logo and header to match the season but it looks nice! I don’t have much to say but your blogs awesome!

Overall Score: 93/100

Nice blog Crstle Boss!



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