A Tree Obsession Review

Appearance: 20

ApPEARance OwO never gets old 🙂 Anyhow your blogs neat you have mostly everything in the right place but I think you should organize your widgets its sorta all around the place, I’d suggest putting blog stats and follow this blog at the top, your music and community at the bottom and getting rid of categories and the blogs you follow. Oh and also you should add a search button if you don’t already have one and put it at the top! I really like your header btw it has G-Chan OwO

Posts/Pages: 40

I personally like all your posts its funny especially how you re-use a picture but for a completely different moment OwO  Hmm you could update some pages like anime, story time and squad but I again like all your posts and pages! If you want a suggestion maybe add more pages?

Colour/Theme: 30

I like it how you have a fall theme. You have a great background! I personally liked your old theme better OwO it looked more organized OwO Great header and logo btw OwO your header matches the background so I think its a good combo (header/background/logo)

Overall: 90/100


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