Lou Music Review

Appearance: 28

Nice Header and Logo OwO It matches your love xD Maybe you should have made a ‘chicken’ background 😉 lol jk! It use to be hard to read your posts but I’m glad you fixed it 😀 I would suggest adding more widgets like a search widget or a wdiget with all your pages cause I can’t see any of your pages at all only the home page 😦

Posts/Pages: 42

I really like your posts! I like how you talk about life and how you have just random posts!I also like your advice posts! Its really cool if ya want a suggestion then maybe post more bout Niall OwO Like I said earlier I can’t see any of your pages maybe its due to your theme? Yeah I like your advice page man, so many pictures with my loves

*Almost goes to lala land*

Colour and Theme: 22

Hmm your theme is music right? OwO I can tell due to Niall and the Header xD maybe have a music background unless my eyes are blind 😛 you don’t exactly have a colour theme OwO Your theme (Independent Publisher) Is okay but the problem is I can’t find your pages like I’ve been saying for a while -_-

Overall Score: 90/100

Nice Blog Elysia-Chan!



20 thoughts on “Lou Music Review

      1. I get high off of air, candy and food. (Dont judge) there was this one time i had sushi and i started to act crazy. hehe anyways, when people insult the ones I love, I will hunt you down, and be your worst nightmare.

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