Fantage Pixi Review

Appearance: 34

I like it how you have a colour code for you appearance and not just random colours that don’t even go together OwO Really like your header 😉 Your blog is pretty organized but you could add a search widget and move blog views to the top OwO

Posts/Pages: 25

I like how you post a bunch of fantage posts then you just post random posts xD For pages I suggest putting contacts in the about page and recolours and edits in the Editing everything page, since they relate OwO I would remove your sticky since I think its outdated OwO I’m not sure if your still doing it -_- You could add more info in the about page like about the authors or something

Colour/Theme: 29

Like I said before I like how you have a colour code OwO But if you wanted advice then you could do a fall theme OwO Again really like your header and background it goes together OwO

Overall Score: 88/100

Nice Blog!



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