Fantage Otters Review!

Appearance: 33

I personally love your blog appearance! You made like a starry night theme! But your logo doesn’t match it so if I had to suggest something I suggest that you change your logo! Hmm your blog is well organized but again the panda’s don’t make sence to me! I like how you have dividers 😛

Posts/Pages: 28

Again well organized. You keep your posts long. I would suggest changing the name of fun stuff OwO and putting My Mall guide into fantage guides OwO Maybe you could add a page with non fantage stuff OwO

Colours/Theme: 33

Again I LOVE YOUR APPEARANCE! Lol I realized ApPEARance OwO lol so anyhoo I like your starry theme 🙂 I suggest changing the panda’s to something like stars or space since it doesn’t match OwO I like how you have a colour theme, blue and Black OwO Maybe you could have a fall theme but the starry theme is just right! *sings just right*

Overall Score: 93/100

Nice Blog!



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