Fantage Mint Candy Review

Appearance: 28

OMG Your logo is boss! I love how I can relate to it! Like I’m either reading something on WordPress or Wattpad and I make all those faces! I think you should remove some widgets and organize it a bit more like I suggest putting the follow button and the blog views widget at the top under search! Maybe even add a header OwO

Posts/Pages: 22

I like how you don’t just post about fantage but you also have many random life posts 😛 but since your blogs main focus is about fantage I would suggest adding more fantage posts OwO And maybe add a sticky post:)) Your pages are well organized but I suggest putting Banner Shop and Edit Shop together OwO

Colours/Theme: 29

Hmm I like it how you don’t use penscratch! Most bloggers with Fantage blogs use it OwO That reminds me… Nvm xD The snowflakes don’t match the season or candy OwO Your background and logo is cute again OwO Maybe add a header OwO

Overall Score: 79/100

Nice Blog!



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