All My Loves ♥


Unicorns & Glitter & Everything In Between

Okay no order OwO

~GOT7 BamBam~

Nicknames: Bammie, Bam-Chan, B-Chan, BB,

Pictures: BamBam1ka

GIF:bamgif3 OwO My fav GIF an Fav pic of Bammie has Jackson surprisingly OwO

~BIGBANG G-Dragon~
Nicknames: GD, G-Chan, Dragon-Chan


GIFs: GD6  GD2 Sorry I can never choose one of his GIFs


Nicknames: V-Chan, TaeTae, Blank Tae, Kawaii V

Pictures: v-channv-chan Sugoi Kawaii xD


If you say my loves are ugly, yours or anything bad I will either kill you, never talk to you, be mad at you or I’ll say this



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