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u n r a v e l


So. It’s me. Chocolatemonstar.

Okay, I sound like the person you had never expected to return but did return.

I’m not sure how I should write this post. It’s been a thousand months (well, it’s not a thousand, but it feels like that) since I had posted something on the Kanimedream blog.

Before I start writing this post (and regretting my choices), I’m going to introduce myself, for all those new followers who do not know me. I’m Chocolatemonstar and I actually was a part of this community before I just vanished into the air without leaving a notice. Back in the olden days, I used to post stuff about K-Pop and stuff about Korean internet culture. But I guess.. it’s all gone (because I deleted it, which is pretty obvious).

Anyway, back onto the topic.

I’m not sure how to feel about this. You know, suddenly vanishing off to La-La land and totally forgetting about my wonderful WordPress friends.

I guess I decided to ‘stop’ using WordPress since June (or July). I don’t know why- but I just did it. I did it because I felt that blogging wasn’t a relevant thing to me anymore. By then, I was starting to use Twitter and most of my time were spent there.

Pretty stupid, I guess. To just randomly abandon my WordPress blog(s) because there were other things that seemed to be much more interesting and.. fun.

Without hesitating, I wiped off everything that was uploaded onto my personal WP blog and the Kanimedreams blog. Which was a huge mistake. To be honest, I nearly deleted my whole WP account!

Thinking about it now, it is one of the stupidest thing I could ever do. Why would I even abandon the place where I had spend freaking four years in?

So I’m back.

Back to the ‘Place Where I Had Spent Four Freaking Years In But Kind of Forgot About It’.

I’m not sure whether I should fully join the Kanimedreams community.. yet. I just feel so sorry for the Great Yuki. I mean, who in the world with the right mind would just randomly disappear and randomly come back? (Well, the answer is: me. And I’m pretty embarrassed).

I’m also clueless with what I should do with my WP blog. I just can’t delete it. That would probably be too painful. I can still remember the 9-Year-Old-Me angrily punching the keyboard to publish a post on WP and drawing the lamest pictures on Microsoft Paint to write a story.

Anyway, I just feel a bit weird writing a post in WP. Such a long time since I bothered to log onto the WP site and do something. I also feel a bit bad to see the Kanimedreams site being inactive (I think I should blame myself for this)…

I mean, Kanimedreams is a wonderful community. I swear it is one of the friendliest communities I had ever stumbled on in the Internet. I rarely get to see such communities like this. Everybody is nearly the same age as me. Everybody has a certain interest, such as Kpop, anime or even games. Everybody is so friendly and really, really nice.

And I just hate myself for leaving a majestic community like this.


  • this post is written with mixed thoughts, regrets and a spoonful of tomato sauce

My Embarrassing Confession?

I don’t even know what to title this thing. Everything sounds so cliche. Anyways, this is pretty much about a side you don’t usually see in me – or maybe you do… I will admit that I am extremely embarrassed to be sharing these thoughts with you, but I feel like I can trust you.

So as summer went on, I continued to delve into the wonderful world of K-Pop. Yeah, yeah, lots of people don’t like K-Pop, but I’m assuming if you follow this blog, then you ARE possibly interested. Or not, I have no idea.

Whether you’re interested or not, my laziness this summer gave way to lots of fantasizing. (Actually, this topic is so weird/embarrassing to talk about, but heck, maybe I’ll laugh back at it years into the future.)

Anyways, at first I was looking up K-Pop idols’ auditions then continued to search up the audition process and whatnot – out of sheer curiosity. After looking at a lot of sources, I was like, “You know, it sounds like doing this kinda stuff would be fun to do for a living.” And I wasn’t being serious about ME doing it or anything, but I did like to think about what it would be like IF I was able to experience it.

So I don’t quite know everything about auditions and being a trainee and even being a K-Pop idol. Yeah, websites often mention the hard work before and after debuting, but everything done on camera just seems so amazing, it’s kind of hard to hate on the way their system works – or at least that’s my opinion.

Sometimes – even now – I just feel so strongly about wanting to audition, and other times I feel like it’s the most ridiculous idea in the world. I’ve always loved performing on stage and I’ve been dancing for over 10 years but I never even considered making performance a part of my future. Heck, I’ve even laid out plans such as getting a full diploma, which university I want to go to, and what I want to be a professional in (career-wise).

Even considering trying out for an audition makes me confused about what I actually want to do in life. I don’t even know why I’m taking the whole being a K-Pop idol thing seriously, but sometimes it seems like such a real possibility. And then I start thinking that this is irrational and that I should stick to my previously mentioned plans “because becoming a part of K-Pop is near impossible.”

I know some of you are probably thinking, “Oh, your education is more important! The training is super hard!” and other things like that. Or maybe that’s just what I’m thinking. xD

I really don’t even know if I’m just thinking like this because it’s summer and I’m brain-dead or if I’m seriously considering doing this. You guys are the first people I’m telling about this. (I haven’t even told my family.) I seriously don’t know if this is a real interest of mine or not. My thoughts just keep swinging back and forth.

Anyways, I guess I really don’t know what’s going on in my life anymore. Not that I knew in the first place. I just wanted to get this off my mind – whether I’m actually going to take this subject seriously. I’ll make another post on this matter later, I guess…

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

Reunion of The Great

The last post I made talked about this blogs two year anniversary, which was posted a month ago.

School had ended a while back but I never gave a shot at posting because the way I was last year compared to now is pretty different, in a good way😀

I still love myself some kpop, anime, and fanfics of course that part never changed.

I guess I quit ‘Fantage’ now, and the account has about 15K of gold so if someone wants some gold comment below :,)



Happy Two Years!


WordPress gave me the notification late, smh-

Anyways, I’d like to thank all of you who’ve been with me in this blogging journey.😀

I’d like to thank all my followers, and all those who’ve just popped onto my blog.

I love you guys so much, and thank you for making 2014-2016 and counting a blast.



I’m Back (?)

Hey, I’m Yuki but you can call me your lover😉 rip @ your souls. I know I’m hot but please contain yourselfs from all of this~

Wow, great self-intro.

Thanks Nutella for forcing me to come back, but its alright you know I enjoyed the small talk with you (:

Its a bit refreshing writing a post on WordPress after a month (?) And at 1AM ofc, just need an Ice Capp and I’m lovin’ it😉

I decided to make a post this late, just for an unexpected turn of events which I’m sure you’ll enjoy for a bit~

I missed you guys lots, no reason to lie I enjoy your comments^^

I guess instead of goodbyes for a post, I should start with hello?

I’m back :,)